Monday, April 11, 2011

Punk girls in Parenthood

In one brilliant moment I became Us and Us became We and left as a Couple and returned as a Family.

Punk Girl thinks she can be hip cool mom, and for a while that works, until they start going to school and don't want you to listen to your music. Wait, I'm entitled to listen. I played Barney and Disney. I spent hours watching rugrats and jammin to kids tunes with smiles and real true personal enjoyment. Then comes up "mom, could you wear 'normal' clothes," so Punk Girl says my clothes are great, and my music is cool, so you, my beloved Baby Monkeys, just have to deal.

It's late night, and I am watching them sleep. I smell their little heads and think wow, what a great thing it is to have kids, and even though for a while they don't really dig your alternative Self, if you wait and watch long enough, you will find it emerging out of the corner of your black mascara'd eye.

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