Friday, April 8, 2011

Do all grown up Punk Girls hate makeup, or is it just me?

When I was a little Punk Girl, I wore what was considered vogue make-up. Not freaky or weird, but classic punk. Come on, you all know punk was classic at some point. But I digress. As time has gone by, I find that I enjoy wearing make-up less and less. I feel like after a day of working, the skin on my face feels like an 80% recyclable bag. As I make my way to the bathroom to extricate myself from my organic face paint, I hear Baby Punk Girl say "come on, leave it on for a while! You look good!" And yet, grown up Punk Girl says "set me free!" to the beat of Don't Leave Me This Way, and I ponder.. do all grown up Punk Girls feel this way?

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