Saturday, July 25, 2015

It is often hard to create recipes on the fly especially when you are cooking for a family of vegetarians and non vegetarians.  I have begun to experiment with dishes that I have made in the past adapting them while not just removing the meat portion of the dish I am creating something more while enjoying and old favorite. I have also found many other vegetarians who have been great about sharing recipes and encouraging me along the way.

 I had many to struggle with getting out to walk much of the week while dealing with not only the arthritis which is currently a problem but with the heel spur. 
On numerous occasions I wanted to stop walking but decided that I could make it and I did.. 
So the takeaway is this.. this is a hard process but I am keeping my eye on the end goal to make myself a healthier person for myself and my children.. 
 I will be posting some of the recipes I have created and adapted soon working on getting them onto the cloud for easier access.
Be well all and keep the faith.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Taking off the training wheels and learning to ride again.

Okay so you would think I would learn a lesson and just keep following through with the things I start but as usual I step away.  Only this time I did so because I became very very ill.  Fast forward and here we are now.  A lot of interesting things are going on and I hope to be able to use this as a place to make myself accountable for them and continue to move forward.  
Much of what I am trying to do now is find myself not in the esoteric sense but really find out what I like to do and try to make something of myself in the process.  I get afraid of doing things and I stop just like I stopped writing the blog because I became afraid.. How strange is that, I used to be a trouble making punk girl who didn't care what anyone thought and was very okay with herself.  Maybe ill figure it out while I am doing this otherwise I am going to just play it by ear.  Play with me.

So one of the things that I am doing is loosing weight.  I lost 110 lbs I was a big girl I suppose I always will be.  I have osteoarthritis and it makes it very painful to walk but I keep doing it and am under a doctors care to be able to do that.  I also became a vegetarian again after years of being a meaty after having been a vegan for years and years and years.  I am going to start a page called the reluctant vegetarian not because I don't want to be vegetarian but because for me it was easier not to be..That is until now.   Its late here now so I am going to try to hold myself accountable and write once to twice a week and share some great vegetarian recipes that I get, make , adapt or just sort of fall into.  I will include pictures and hope you like.    M.