Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alternative Day Singin a Sing Song Days

What happens when in the act of living every day life, you realize that you have lost something? You spend 1/2 the day looking for your keys, by the way, they're in your pocket.

Under the bed, ooh shiny, found your glasses. Yeah, my Punk eyes is old bifocally. Okay, I found stuff, but I didn't find what I lost. Perhaps I should rephrase that. Who I lost. With a sense of desperation, I searched for CDs but most are packed, as we are moving. Where is mahharet? Where is the edgy wild thing? I love her. I miss her. Where did she go? Is she coming back?

I looked at pictures of Peter Murphy and Iggy Pop and Peter Gabriel, and I realized that somewhere along the line we looked old, but I forgot my self and became mom, taxi driver, top & bottom chef and a third world washer woman. Out of desperation I begged Comcast Music Choice to feed my soul, and after unlocking the TV MA lock, I blasted the music that fed my soul. Butthole Surfers, the Pumpkins, Bowie and for a beautiful moment "Red Rain" fed the desert of my soul.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Punk Girl vs The Poseur

Remember when we danced at the club? The girl in the black tunic & purple cowl. And you (well, some of you) were dressed in the 'Punk Attire.' You sauntered up to me and tried to dance with me, but I was too much into the music and didn't notice until almost the end. You were kinda upset. I thought you were cool and we hung out. Later that week, I saw you hanging out with your other friends, pointing and making fun of the 'punks.' I walked past, and looked at you guys, waved, smiled and then fast forward 20 years. I overhear the conversation about how old you feel, because you don't fit in with the other folks who weren't Punk, and now you are Punk grown up, and they shun your 'freaky' clothes and attitudes.

We meet again, and I wave and smile at you, because we know who was who, and who was you.

As a side note, I think Punk Girl knows Punk is a lifestyle, not a clothing and hair style. Punk Girl grew up, and then had children, and kept her lifestyle, and made friends with the teachers and parents, and popped popcorn, and sold cookies, and now is helping her teenage son get ready for prom.

Unlike Poseur, who wants to 'Fight the Power!'

Monday, April 11, 2011

Punk girls in Parenthood

In one brilliant moment I became Us and Us became We and left as a Couple and returned as a Family.

Punk Girl thinks she can be hip cool mom, and for a while that works, until they start going to school and don't want you to listen to your music. Wait, I'm entitled to listen. I played Barney and Disney. I spent hours watching rugrats and jammin to kids tunes with smiles and real true personal enjoyment. Then comes up "mom, could you wear 'normal' clothes," so Punk Girl says my clothes are great, and my music is cool, so you, my beloved Baby Monkeys, just have to deal.

It's late night, and I am watching them sleep. I smell their little heads and think wow, what a great thing it is to have kids, and even though for a while they don't really dig your alternative Self, if you wait and watch long enough, you will find it emerging out of the corner of your black mascara'd eye.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Do all grown up Punk Girls hate makeup, or is it just me?

When I was a little Punk Girl, I wore what was considered vogue make-up. Not freaky or weird, but classic punk. Come on, you all know punk was classic at some point. But I digress. As time has gone by, I find that I enjoy wearing make-up less and less. I feel like after a day of working, the skin on my face feels like an 80% recyclable bag. As I make my way to the bathroom to extricate myself from my organic face paint, I hear Baby Punk Girl say "come on, leave it on for a while! You look good!" And yet, grown up Punk Girl says "set me free!" to the beat of Don't Leave Me This Way, and I ponder.. do all grown up Punk Girls feel this way?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Punk girl goes all teach on me.

I guess today was a good day. A little crazy, but good. I work in schools, and some days are really rewarding. Other days are the goat. I got dressed and thought I looked all tight hip cool. Then, I looked in a mirror at school and realized I looked like a school marm with highlights.

I asked a hall child to excuse me as I was in a hurry, and as I passed I was crushed in a flood of teenmanity, and was referenced as ma'am.

Punk girl says "it's good kids have manners." I said what??? Punk girl is supposed to crash through the hall and too bad if you're in the way. Well, when Punk Girls grow up and get achy knees, and need bifocals, they can still be boss, hip, fly or whatever is the buzzword. Just keep your head up, wear your best Self, and as long as you feel 'fill in the buzzword ____' you and your Punk Self can still rock hard.

And try looking in the mirror at an angle. You'll catch a glint of Punk Girl in there!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I thought I would always be hip.

I always thought I would be that hip girl, hey I was a punk rocker chick.  According to my teenage sun that ship has sailed, I'm not hip and he would prefer it if I refrained from talking about my days in the scene as according to  him I'm older than the punk movement.  Only 45 and Old.  okay so I have arthritis in both knees and my girly curvy figure has now become a grave worldwide crisis.  Yes I gained weight, I didn't freak maybe I should have but at least my tween girl thinks I'm cute a little weird but cute.  Ive been having some negative thoughts about what happened to me so I am going to process it here and see if other punk girls feel the same.