Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Punk Girl vs The Poseur

Remember when we danced at the club? The girl in the black tunic & purple cowl. And you (well, some of you) were dressed in the 'Punk Attire.' You sauntered up to me and tried to dance with me, but I was too much into the music and didn't notice until almost the end. You were kinda upset. I thought you were cool and we hung out. Later that week, I saw you hanging out with your other friends, pointing and making fun of the 'punks.' I walked past, and looked at you guys, waved, smiled and then fast forward 20 years. I overhear the conversation about how old you feel, because you don't fit in with the other folks who weren't Punk, and now you are Punk grown up, and they shun your 'freaky' clothes and attitudes.

We meet again, and I wave and smile at you, because we know who was who, and who was you.

As a side note, I think Punk Girl knows Punk is a lifestyle, not a clothing and hair style. Punk Girl grew up, and then had children, and kept her lifestyle, and made friends with the teachers and parents, and popped popcorn, and sold cookies, and now is helping her teenage son get ready for prom.

Unlike Poseur, who wants to 'Fight the Power!'

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