Friday, January 20, 2012

What happens to punk girls when they get nasty sick and have to take care of other nasty sick creatures.

Okay a punk girl in her teens and tweens often does not have to care for other sick folks and may not take care of herself or actually be ill.  But Oh my godlessness what happens when the body gives out and you get dunt dunt daaaaaah  the virus from hell, the flu and pneumonia all at once.  OOps forgot she also has two kids in their tweens and teens who are also oh don't say it.   I said don't say it   shut up you crazy broad.  (they are sick) the teen at the same time as I am.  Oh yeah lets bring me up to speed Ive been away.   I got married, had kids, got edjamakated, learned to spell (whatever) and got a job that (I LOVE) with autistic kids .  then got the freepin pneumonia, flu, virus from hello.   okay I don't sleep for more that ten or twenty minutes every two to three hours when the violent throbbing breast jugulating lung separating  love that song (American boy) happy new year oh excuse me is deliriousness  year of the dragon rocks go dragons.  wait I'm hallucinating again I was sick and the little girl is sick and now she is at camp cause she stayed home and got better and then I got that tickle and son had the tickle then we had temps of 102 and 104 and the Dr. said your sick (I'm like Duh) learn that in medical school.  Mean punk girl rears her ugly and I mean ugly head (cant comb hair head hurts looks like straw and dust bunny hairs)  okay sick teen boys are so gross, If I wasn't afraid he would cut me in my sleep (I would tell you) okay in a week I will tell you anonomously don't tell anybody.  Okay teen sick boys with pneumonia are droolee and gross (no more said)  Punk girl goes to the dark side okay watch out I'm getting a lighter and I'm setting teen boys room on fire and burning his clothes and maybe even him (run away sick teen boy run away)  Punk girl grown mom is now having a twitchy eyed (look out)  I'm sick  you should be afraid.  I gotta take a nap I'm so tired of coughing the new way to get a sick six pack. well zip it up honey, punk girls gotta clean the house so when tween comes home from camp she will not be reinfected by teen boy and psycho momma.    The end comes,  When punk girls have children and they are loved we take our punk hair which we are working because we are to sick to comb our hair so the spike is totally rocked.  Punk girl gets pissy pulls up her doc martens and staggers the house sweeping and wiping and dish washing and spraying antibac spray.  then she retires to the couch where she has slept for a week and then she sleeps and the world say (its about damn time) keep her off facebook to.
love Marta

Okay folks dont be hating the blogger she was demento

Im so sorry please forgive me now lets get ready to rumble im writing again....