Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alternative Day Singin a Sing Song Days

What happens when in the act of living every day life, you realize that you have lost something? You spend 1/2 the day looking for your keys, by the way, they're in your pocket.

Under the bed, ooh shiny, found your glasses. Yeah, my Punk eyes is old bifocally. Okay, I found stuff, but I didn't find what I lost. Perhaps I should rephrase that. Who I lost. With a sense of desperation, I searched for CDs but most are packed, as we are moving. Where is mahharet? Where is the edgy wild thing? I love her. I miss her. Where did she go? Is she coming back?

I looked at pictures of Peter Murphy and Iggy Pop and Peter Gabriel, and I realized that somewhere along the line we looked old, but I forgot my self and became mom, taxi driver, top & bottom chef and a third world washer woman. Out of desperation I begged Comcast Music Choice to feed my soul, and after unlocking the TV MA lock, I blasted the music that fed my soul. Butthole Surfers, the Pumpkins, Bowie and for a beautiful moment "Red Rain" fed the desert of my soul.

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