Thursday, April 7, 2011

Punk girl goes all teach on me.

I guess today was a good day. A little crazy, but good. I work in schools, and some days are really rewarding. Other days are the goat. I got dressed and thought I looked all tight hip cool. Then, I looked in a mirror at school and realized I looked like a school marm with highlights.

I asked a hall child to excuse me as I was in a hurry, and as I passed I was crushed in a flood of teenmanity, and was referenced as ma'am.

Punk girl says "it's good kids have manners." I said what??? Punk girl is supposed to crash through the hall and too bad if you're in the way. Well, when Punk Girls grow up and get achy knees, and need bifocals, they can still be boss, hip, fly or whatever is the buzzword. Just keep your head up, wear your best Self, and as long as you feel 'fill in the buzzword ____' you and your Punk Self can still rock hard.

And try looking in the mirror at an angle. You'll catch a glint of Punk Girl in there!


  1. That is one of the things to come to terms with with aging--slipping out of one's hip and cool phase. Though (and maybe its just because I'm pushing 40) but I become increasing certain that teens infact don't know anything about hipness or coolness.

    When I reach that same opnion in regard to the early-mid-twenties mid-students I work with (because of their age--I already know being med students makes them somewhat uncool) then I know I'll be well and truly old. ;)

  2. The real struggle in maintaining any semblkance of coolness is securing babysitters for club nights and concerts. Then there is the constant fatigue my wife feels at wrangling the kids and juggling grad school. Tough to convince her to take in another show at the 930 Club and going by myself takes a really special event. Never ways much a hip dresser, but it's got even worse these days without my bachelor disposable income.

    You're in Detroit, right? We may have crossed paths at St. Andrews back in the day.