Saturday, July 25, 2015

It is often hard to create recipes on the fly especially when you are cooking for a family of vegetarians and non vegetarians.  I have begun to experiment with dishes that I have made in the past adapting them while not just removing the meat portion of the dish I am creating something more while enjoying and old favorite. I have also found many other vegetarians who have been great about sharing recipes and encouraging me along the way.

 I had many to struggle with getting out to walk much of the week while dealing with not only the arthritis which is currently a problem but with the heel spur. 
On numerous occasions I wanted to stop walking but decided that I could make it and I did.. 
So the takeaway is this.. this is a hard process but I am keeping my eye on the end goal to make myself a healthier person for myself and my children.. 
 I will be posting some of the recipes I have created and adapted soon working on getting them onto the cloud for easier access.
Be well all and keep the faith.

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